Silca introduces $445 US-made floor pump, the SuperPista Ultimate

INDIANAPOLIS (BRAIN) — SILCA, the historic Italian pump brand now owned by American engineer Joshua Poertner, is now shipping its first pump since Poertner took over the brand last year.  The SuperPista Ultimate pump is made in the U.S. and features a variety of new technologies to justify its $445 retail pricing.  The 7-pound pump is a completely redesigned version of the SILCA SuperPista pumps that have been on the market for decades. It retains modified versions of the all-metal presta chuck and leather plunger gasket of the original. The pumps base weighs 800 grams  (1 3/4 pounds) alone, which SILCA claims makes it the heaviest and most stable pump base on the market. It  has three elastomer pads to protect flooring.  Above the base, the pump has what SILCA calls "the Surfboard," a shelf that holds the pressure gauge and a magnetic dock for the stainless steel pump head. The Surfboard also serves as the air passage between the pump barrel and the hose. The gauge promises 1 percent accuracy, comparted to the +/- 5 percent that is the norm on bike pump gauges according to SILCA. The gauge has laboratory grade internals and full metal construction and reads from 0 to 160 psi (11 bar). At the top of the barrel, the pump has a custom IGUS bushing for smooth operation. The piston rod is centerless ground and Teflon hard-anodized.  The pump hose is a type used by Indy race cars and is rated at 12,000 psi. It is over-braided with stainless steel and protected with a polyurethane jacket. The hose is attached to the pump and the pump head ith three-part stainless steel and brass fittings that allow the hose to fully rotate, even when under pressure. The pump handle is made of rosewood with investment cast stainless steel center and end caps. The asymetric shape is designed for ergodynamics. The stainless steel chuck has a  press-on presta and thread-on Schrader design. The pump is shipped in a gun case box with the base removed. The base is re-installed with an included 6mm hex wrench. SILCA began shipping the pump to distributors on Monday. For more information:
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